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BLUE PRINT is a drama set in the early 1980s when the Australian Touring Car Championship was all thrills and V8 intensity. In a world of cut-throat competition, we follow the hidden characters behind Ford’s explosive comeback against ’The King of the Mountain'. It reflects the suburban energy of Don’s Party and the working class sincerity of The Castle, with the cinematic experience of Ford vs Ferrari.


This story has never been told in the public domain – until now.


TONY ROGERS (creator)

Tony Rogers may look like a potato farmer but he makes great television. Tony was Show Runner, Co-Creator and Director of Wilfred, the bong smoking dog. In our opinion, it’s one of the most successful and well-executed Australian shows in the last 20 years. It ran on cable in America and was such a surprise in that market place that FX signed up to make their own version. His award-winning signature style is comedic realism and high concept drama, using brilliant casting and great performance. His first foray into feature film was the highly acclaimed “Rats and Cats”, a quirky but realistic look into the lives of an unexpected group of Aussies passing time in the fictitious coastal town of Gladdington. He’s also written and directed two award-winning miniseries called How To Talk Australians and Bruce The Series. Tony Rogers is one of the most original creative voices in this country. And have you seen his ads? Some highlights are the AAMI "Rhonda  Campaign", the Bonds "The Boys" ads and we especially love the recent BP one at Bathurst. 

ROB DRAPER (creator)

Rob has written ARIA chart-hitting songs, he's acted in Aussie TV shows like Neighbours and Blue Heelers, he toured with folk music legend, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, and once he accidentally stole fifty pounds off Dennis Hopper. After representing Australia at the Americana Festival, Nashville in 2014, Rob signed up for 5 years writing hits on Music Row for Starstruck Entertainment in Nashville. After a near-death experience in 2016, which saw him in physical rehab for almost two years, Rob decided to take a leap of faith and return to Australia to pursue his original love, movies. He wiped out his overheads for two years and learned how to write. Early on he scored a paid writing gig on an Aussie road-movie remake of The Wizard of Oz, he wrote a Beatles time-travel screenplay for Sony Pictures, and he wrote a script about his Dad and some Ford rebels who made history. The latter had enough clout to attract Jason Byrne and Tony Rogers. Since then he has also sold a feature screenplay about a pivotal moment at the Tamworth Country Music Festival.


Jason Byrne 
0413 169 710

Jane Liscombe
0414 567 775

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